Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Nico nico Calc MEN Chorus

Recently, YouTube user, AnotherNicoUploader, (i think), uploaded a chorus of the song Calc originally by..Miku? haha I don't know the song that well though.. ><" And when I was in school and was watching the video, when I saw MEN in the description, I was like "AKATIN!!" And while I was watching the video to find out whether he was inside, HE CAME OUT FIRST!! KYAA!! XD I'M PROUD OF YOU AKATIN! XD You guys HAVE to listen to it! XD
And because of this beautiful chorus, I'm considering on whether to do a cover of this song ^^ But first, I have to send in my lines to some choruses first hehe >< So, look forward to the next post! ^^

Today's photo: 

Isn't she beautiful?! XD

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