Thursday, 9 August 2012

My hopes for my YouTube life..

As some of you guys may know, I had another YouTube channel that was...DESTROYED!!! more like banned..It got striked out! Thrice! I suspected that somebody was watching me and keep reporting copyrighted stuff on my videos even though it was a video of my drawing with my vocals and that I have put a disclaimer notice >3<

On that channel, my first cover was From Y to Y originally by Miku. It was posted up around June 2010.. :( Those were the daysssss...I even did Korean covers and English covers and more J-Pop songs from YUI or anime songs like SAKURA by Ikimono Gakari... >:( I met my lovely friend, Vivii on that channel too >< From the song Gemini originally by the Kagamine twins.. and I did 2 group dubs... Haiiizzz...I hate that person who stalked me  GGAAAHHHH!! DX

Anyway, forgetting about the past, now, I have 2 YouTube channels :) One for my drawings and the other one for singing..I even changed my alias to Ryoko, 亮子, just so that that PERSON won't find me haha >< I find this YouTube life more successful! Now, I have 70 subscribers, friends from my real life and friends from the other side of the world! ^^ So happy to blend in with the Youtaite society MUAHAHA!

So...Back to the main point of this post, my dream for this channel achieve more than 500 subscribers!! In other words, friends! :'D I wanna get more involved in the YouTube world and maybe duet with the popular people like, Haru, Miku-tan or even..............Ashe O.o

I just realised that I've never duet-ted with a guy before :'( haha doesn't matter doesn't matter :D 'coz I got ma gals! haha XD

As for my drawing channel, I don't really care if I don't get that much subscribers.. hehe.. ><"

So, I hope that I can achieve my dreams for this channel very soon! (And duet with a guy by the time I get there =_=")

Okay! Ciao! :D

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