Wednesday, 17 April 2013

So long~

Hello there! owo

It's been so long since I've posted here! >< I'm so sorry for abandoning this blog ;A; I've been a little bit lazy to update it hehe but I've recently downloaded the Blogger app on my phone so I'll be able to update more recently!

I really want to meet you people out there who comment on my videos and my subscribers~ I know we're not supposed to talk to strangers but...this is an exception!!! I really wanna meet you guys somehow~ haha! xD It's just that, I feel so very touched that there are people who look forward to my uploads and stuff~ ^^ I really wanna thank you guys again for continuing to support me till this far! Love you all! :D

Anyway, here are my plans for the future that I came up with recently! When I start working, I'm SO gonna sign up for Premium Niconico member!!! When I converted the price in Yen to SGD, it's only like 5 bucks per month! I think I can afford that yeah! I so can't wait haha XD

Okay, I've gotta go now, I have Chemistry and Additional Maths tests tomorrow! Oh my god! *A*
New anime that I'm currently watching right now~ It has a lot of hot and cute guys and very pretty girls!

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