Friday, 18 January 2013


I just did a cover of niki's WAVE last December and a few weeks ago, there was a Japanese comment on the video saying that he/she used my video. And when I found the video, I WAS SO HAPPY I DIED xD
He/she used my version to make a YT chorus for WAVE!!!! Then, a few days ago, there was another comment saying the same thing! It was a different person this time. When I clicked on the video, IT WAS A MORE AWESOME MIX WITH MY VERSION INSIDE!!! XD IAMSOHAPPYICOULDDIEAGAIN. yeap. thats all!~ Enjoy themmmm :D


  1. Omg so awesome!! I unconsciously think that yours is the best out of all the covers in both choruses... ._.

  2. LOL haha that's what my sister said too >< Thanks anyway haha!!! xD