Monday, 29 October 2012

Round 2 for Shikisai Project!!!~ :D

I'm making pudding right now!!! hehe

I have just auditioned for another chorus called Shikisai Project! Since I've passed round 1, not like other choruses that I've joined, there's actually a round 2!!! Isn't that interesting?! It makes me say "Challenge Accepted XD" I'm so excited!!! So here's my entry for Round 2!

1. Personality!
Hi guys! My alias in YT is Ryoko! My real name is Miza Nur Sabrina Bte Anuar! haha lol yes very long indeed..I used to have another YouTube account where I posted up covers too called, mizaisawesome. My alias then was Mizu. However, because of several copyright stuff where people complain in my video, the channel was deleted and my e-mail account could not make another YT account anymore :( I had a feeling that there was actually only one person who was complaining about my videos..hmmm..very fishy..And that is why, I decided to create a new alias, Ryoko! Full name, Sachiko Ryoko!

Anyway, continuing, I'm from Singapore, a country right at the equator and it's veerryy hot here and there's no 4 seasons too! The main language in this country is English however, because we are a multi-racial country, where different races live together, we also have our own different mother tongue languages! Mother Tongue as in, 2nd language or the language that our great great great grandparents used. For my case, I speak Malay! I just turned 15 on 8 October. Since I was 10 years old, I've liked drawing anime and it started from the anime Petite Princess Yucie! This is my DA account!^^


I started making cover 2 years ago, 2010 when I was 13 years old. And.....this is a secret from my parents because I know they would kill me if they knew! ><

I have started liking cosplay but sadly, I can't..religious reasons..but it's okay :D My friend told me that she would want me to work in her cosplay shop when she opens one ^^

I also loooveee baking and cooking! I baked a lot of cupcakes for my friends for their birthdays this year ^^ I would want to try cooking Omurice ^^

There's not that much things that I dislike though..Can;t think of any at the moment ><

And that's for question 1!~

2. Shikisai Project!

-If you were to join Shikisai, what would be the first thing you’d do?

I would announce it in my blog, thank you for accepting me and make new friends with the other members! ^^

- Why did you audition?

I wanted to gain more subscribers and also to be more exposed to the J-Pop world 'cause I'm only more to anime and Vocaloid~ :) I would also like to meet new people and have duets or groupdubs with them 8D

- What are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to singing?

hmmm..I wouldn't say that I can reach all the very high notes and all the very low notes and I wouldn't say that I cannot reach them too... If I can't reach a particular high note in a song, I would sing the piano version so it would sound better ^^ Like the cover in the first video below..And my lowest notes would be in the cover in the second video ^^

very low for me ><"

- What would be your name & color (look at the end of this round for more information!)

name: Ryoko
colour: lime

- Top 5 Favourite Hello! Project member (can be both graduated and active, this will be your member representative!)

  1. Tanaka Reina
  2. Tsugunaga Momoko
  3. Suzuki Airi
  4. Natsuyaki Miyabi
  5. Sayashi Riho

- What does your recording schedule look like? (for example, I record on Wednesdays and in the weekend)

I record mostly on weekends, however I'm also free during my March, June, September and November&December holidays 8D And also on days where I end school early..

- Do you have any ideas or something you’d like to do in Shikisai? (for ex. A medley you like, …)

hmmmmmmmmm....Not sure about this one though..maybe we can do a groupdub of vocaloid songs? XD

- Can you do audio mixing, video mixing or graphics? (and show us an example!) [!! This has nothing to do with whether you get in or not, I’d just like to know!]

I can mix!!!!!! BUT I can't show you much proof as I've only had a chance to mix duets...BUT AGAIN, I'm currently waiting for lines for my new chorus of Mr Music! This chorus is specially created to show new choruses that need proof that I can mix hehe XD I can;t animate though :(

- One word when you think about Shikisai! Project?


3. I DON'T KNOW THIS SONG. Honestly, in ALL my other choruses, all the songs are new to me. This is probably because I have only started gaining an interest in the Hello! Project world..But I learn fast and sing it with good energy and emotions ^^

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